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Predatorshipping (because I’m a dick XD)

Valor lingered into the Shed, looking for his older brother Vulcan. He knew him to be there, since he tended to go there every night after his work at the Fan Service store. Little Valor lived down the road where the mansions where (of course with his brother), so it wasn’t too far of a limo ride since they were wealthy… He skipped inside and was immediately surrounded by people. He wasn’t nervous, but he might have be mistakenly taken as such.

The Dox crashed into the Shed, drunk and a lil disorderly. Laughing and smirking, he bumped into a little boy with pink hair. Grinning rather sadistically, he looked down at what was little Valor, and placed his fingers beneath the boy’s chin so that he was looking up at the tall yellow-haired male. "Tell me little one, what brings you here?" He asked, the grin only widening.

Valor’s eyes went wide when the tall male confronted him. He cringed at the touch of the other male, feeling his warm fingers press up against his lower jaw as their eyes met each other’s. Valor was rather short, young too in addition. He sized up Doxy and felt threatened, well aware that this male could attempt to claim him. "I’m just here with my brother… Erm… he didn’t show up yet…"He said softly, his green eyes still wide.

The Dox looked into little Valor’s eyes and grinned. He grasped onto his soft face, and just watched his eyes move. "You’re here with your brother? What a pity. Why would he want a little boy to accompany him here? Doesn’t he know it’s… not… safe?" He asked as darkly and inhumanly as possible. He was totally going to get Valor into the back.

Valor swallowed hard and looked away from Dox from a moment. "Um… he’s more than just my brother… I love him…" Valor whispered. "Can I go now?"

"You don’t want to come and play with me?" Dox asked with a challenge in his eyes. He looked down at the boy, and then just outright lifted him into his arms almost as if he were a child, though he was bigger. "I’ve heard a bit about the pink-haired boy. I want to get… a feel for him…"

The pink-haired boy shoved Doxy off and slid out of his arms. "Why? Why do I interest you? I am not a play thing you know."Valor said, crossing his arms. He was about to make a run for it, but people were everywhere.

The Dox circled the boy and watched him look around for an escape route. "What’s the matter boy, you don’t like a challenge? How about this, I’ll let you go, if I can’t make you satisfied. If you don’t produce the results I have the urge to see you do for, then I will bother you not. But if you want to see your brother faster, I suggest you play along." He grabbed the boy’s hair, and began to walk towards the back, dragging him with.

Valor yelled for Doxy to leave him be, but he knew he wasn’t getting out of this one. He was much smaller and subordinate, compared to that of the male taking him away. They came to a dark room, and he heard the door be locked and closed. He didn’t know why Doxy was so intrigued by him, but he decided to just go with it, since Vulcan wasn’t around to save him. "You’d better not leave any marks!!" He hissed.

Doxy laughed as he locked the door, and then grabbed Valor by the neck and threw him onto the bed. He proceeded to bind his hands, and gag him with a black strap, then dropped his cloak to reveal he was totally naked beneath it like a boss. He licked his lips and grinned, then climbed into the bed with Valor, and ran his long fingers down the boy’s chest, and occasionally just played with his hair. ”You like it gentle or rough?” He wondered aloud, grinning sadistically.

Valor growled and struggled to get his hands free so that he could take the band off that was wrapped around his head and forced into his mouth, but it was no use. He looked up at Dox nervously and laid there trying to breathe, his heart racing faster with each passing moment.

The Dox pulled off the boy’s clothing, and then pushed his legs upwards so that they were bent at the knees, so he could see him. He leaned over Valor, and pushed his first two fingers into Valor’s mouth, under the gag, and then pulled them out and narrowed his eyes as he smirked. He licked his fingers watching Valor closely, and then reached down just beneath the area that made Valor a male, and then pushed into him just a bit. "Breathe slowly, and don’t scream, or I wont take the gag off." He said with a snarl.

Valor’s eyes filled with tears and he shook his head and looked away from Doxy. He felt his warm fingers go into him and he cringed, and did his best to focus on the pain, and not if it felt good. He didn’t want to get off to anyone else… other than his brother. But at the same time… it was hard to ignore the sensation.

Doxy leaned down and pressed his lips to Valor’s, after pulling the gag off of him. He felt the boy’s warm tongue in his mouth as his kissed him, still pushing his two fingers inside of him gently. He moved them in and out for a while, and kissed where Valor’s tears fell, then stopped and pulled the boy downwards so that he could fuck him. He gently massaged him for a few moments, then he eased his way into him, pushing the boy’s legs apart. "Don’t scream, or I’ll have to crack a whip on you." He said with a glare. He was more than determined to make the boy cum, and be humiliated by it or even like it.

Valor cried and covered his face with his hands, that were still tightly bound at the wrists. As Doxy pushed himself into him he whined and moaned, the pain and the pleasure almost too much for him to handle. He couldn’t stop himself from being aroused, it confused and betrayed him. He began to feel violated, and somehow that aroused him even further. "Why are you doing this??"He gasped, in between shaking his head from the almost euphoric state he was felled with.

"Why? Well because I’m bored, still kinda shitfaced, and you’ve got pink hair and I bet you had a tight little ass. I was pretty much right about it." He smirked and pushed himself into the kid deeper, grabbing onto Valor’s hips and rocking back and fourth as he sat there. The kid was arched up just enough where he could get to him, but eventually Doxy flipped him over, so he could get him from behind properly. He gripped the boy’s ass and then slid his hands up to his shoulders, grabbing him hard and fucking him harder.

Valor buried his face into the bed as he cried, his face streamed with tears as pain ravaged his little body. He felt blood trickle down between his legs, and realized that Doxy had been a tad too rough. He leaned forwards and gasped, then turned his head to look back at the perfectly carved, pale Dox. He wiped his eyes and watched the male, who seemed determined to please Valor. Valor wondered if the male somehow cared about him, and found himself arching his back a lot, to feel the most pleasure out of it all.

The Dox knew Valor was getting into it and he reached down as he was railing the kid, and grabbed him from beneath him and stroked him for a bit, moving in and out of him slowly as he did so. He felt the kid arch so that he had room to move deeper, and once he felt the spot that tickled Valor’s insides, he literally grabbed the back of the boy’s neck and pushed him down, so that his tail could be hiked high into the air (had he been a wolf anyways). He then used his free hand to grip him, and then pushed himself deeper, and deeper into the kid, feeling him tense up. He paced himself, but at a faster rate, determined to satisfy the kid that seemed to prefer incest to exploration.

Valor couldn’t control the moaning. He arched and moved his hips back and fouth as the tall male gave it to him, gasping and lost to the sheer pleasure that he now felt. He moaned louder and then it happened - he let off and it went all over the bed. Huffing and gasping he turned around to looked at Doxy, red in the face and worn out now. He stared at him for a moment, wondering what he was to do.

The Dox felt achieved, and then pulled out of the boy, and cleaned himself off respectively. He then grabbed Valor, and kissed him, urging him to pleasure him with his hands. “Might as well practice on me, for your brother.” Doxy said, kissing him gently and nuzzling his face. He stopped for a moment and gently kissed the boy on the forehead, lovingly, strangely. Perhaps he cared just a bit. But the Dox would never be attached to anyone. Especially not a little boy.

As Dox kissed Valor he found himself into it, reaching up to touch his hair with one hand, while stroking Dox with the other. He closed his eyes and pretended it was Vulcan, and kissed Dox’s chest, and stomach, then made his way down to his dick and kissed that. He let his tongue slide out of his mouth, and ever so gently he started to lick him, then suck on him. He didn’t open his eyes because he pretended it was Vulcan, and didn’t want it to be this random male.

Doxy knew what Valor was doing, but it didn’t matter he liked it. He grinned and enjoyed playing with the boy, and then let off after pulling him away from him. He laughed and narrowed his eyes evilly, knowing that he had surely won that duel.

ViolateShipping (because I’m an asshole)

Doxy busted into the Hideout, so stoked that he’d just gotten laid. He had no idea who the fuck it was, but she had a nice ass. Least that’s what he remembered since he was slapping it all night. He didn’t even know her name, but he didn’t give a single fuck since he was piss ass drunk. He stumbled through the doors stark fucking naked, and instantly started flirting with everyone. The man had no limits. 

Chris was sitting at the table by himself, when Doxy busted in and just started hitting on everyone. The guy was so wasted that he was hitting on Chris, who was nervously trying to ignore it. He wondered where in the bar Melvin was, as he was cornered by himself with this strange freak that was the Dox.

Doxy put his arm around Chris and pulled him close to him, so that they were nose-to-nose. He looked at him, he was just a bit shorter than the Dox, which was perfect since Dox was the bigger Wolf. "You’re real pretty. You should come to the back with me, I can give you the ride of your life. Should be simple, since I’m already naked." He said out-right.

"What? I… I belong to M-Mel… the Shed’s house Wolf. You know that…" Chris said nervously, referring to the other place that they’d hung out. Chris tried to back away, his long white hair hanging in his face and going all down his back. He didn’t like that another male was so fucking close to him, and he started to tremble. His eyes searched the place for Mel, but it was so massive, it was easy to get lost.

Doxy was so drunk he didn’t care who the kid belonged to. He grabbed him by his silver hair, and pressed his lips to his, and kissed him hard, pushing him up against the wall. Beside them was a door, and Doxy used his left hand to open it, and then shoved Chris into the room, and walked inside and locked the door behind him. "You belong to me now, Bitch." He laughed.

Chris whined and sat there on the floor, bringing his knees to his chest. He seemed to be having an anxiety attack or something, and was just shaking horribly. "Please leave me alone…" He begged, in an almost whisper. He looked up at Doxy and then hid under his hair again.

"Uh, how about.. no?" Doxy tossed his head back and laughed evilly as fuck. It was a rare moment where he was a twisted sick fuck, but hey, everyone is. Everyone that came into the Dirty Hideout anyways, since there really were - no limits. He grabbed Chris by that long hair and swiftly tore his clothes off, and grabbed him by the throat. "Mine. Calling it." He said with a smirk. He knew the kid was terrified, and there was definitely a reason to be.

Chris could barely breathe as Doxy kept a harsh grip on him. He was shaking and nervous, and looked into Dox’s eyes fearfully, wondering what was going to happen to him, but pretty sure what it was. He remembered his time in Hell, and he remembered what happened to him a few times over the years. He was an unfortunate target for years, so when he closed his eyes and spoke, he just accepted it. "Please don’t leave any marks… Mel will be upset…" He whispered.

"As you wish boy." Doxy laughed. He had a very, very black eye from Vulcan, after fucking Valor in the Shed and it was still visible. He knew that Melvin was going to be severely fucking him in the ass with a chainsaw for fucking his Bitch, but, he deemed it worth it. He bent Chris over the bed and fucked him hard, gripping him hard, but doing well to make sure that his nails didn’t slash him up too bad. "If you don’t scream my name however, I’m going to fuck you harder, and harder, til you beg me to stop. So you might want to pretend that you like it." He laughed.

Chris couldn’t help it but he cried. He was always the vulnerable one, and he hated it. He covered his face and tried to ignore the tears, feeling Doxy force himself in and out of him. He hated it, and he wanted Melvin, but he tried to hold that in. "I fucking hate you!" He yelled, squinting. He gripped the blankets on the bed and whimpered, feeling pain surge through him.

Doxy laughed and grabbed Chris harder, then forced him down onto the bed and fucked him harder, pushing into him deeper, feeling him tense up in agony. "Scream bitch, because you know you want to. You know you like it. That’s why you let everyone and anyone fucking rape you. You’re the real sick fuck." He said, still holding him down. He grabbed onto Chris’s long silvery hair and gave it a good yank. "Don’t ya?" He asked with a devious smirk.

Chris surely did scream. He cried too. He shivered at the words that Doxy spoke. There was no way that was the truth. He loved Melvin and Melvin was the only one. Sure he cared for Bluey but that was different and more had to do with honor in a sense. Honor to Mel. He begged Doxy to stop and told him that he was just hurting him, and then wondered if he deserved this somehow. Melvin was always there to protect him, most times anyways. He loved that about Mel, and he found himself wondering… if what Doxy said was …the truth…

"Stop crying you little prick." Doxy growled. He grabbed Chris by the hair and fucked him for a bit longer, then decided to pull out of him suddenly, and put him on his back. He leaned down and peered into his frightened blue eyes and a cynical smirk came over his lips. He could feel Chris’s chest heaving up and down as he breathed, and as he stared at him, he licked his fingers, and proceeded to touch him, keeping his gaze trained on him watching for signs of enjoyment. "You can say whatever you wan Christopher, I know that you love being harmed. I know that it gets you off that people hurt you and Mel’s there to save your sorry ass. You like being vulnerable, otherwise you’d never let people touch you." He whispered, keeping his stern gaze.

The boy with the silver hair tried to back himself up from Doxy, but he was laying on his back with Dox right in his face. "No… no I don’t…" He was saying back to the sadistic comment he’d made. Strangely he started to think that tasted funny on his tongue, as if he’d lied or something. He closed his eyes and looked away, unaware than he was moaning on and off as Doxy stroked him with his soft hands. He winced and breathed harder, trying to ignore the sense of pleasure at all costs.

The Dox was a fucking sex god. He always got his way too. He leaned over as Chris turned his head, and gently kissed the side of his face, and then his neck. He pressed his lips to his neck again a moment later, and then turned the kid’s face towards him, so that their lips were touching. "Does he kiss you like he loves you? Or is that too much for someone who’s just a Bitch?" He asked. The Dox couldn’t understand the strange thing that he felt right then, perhaps he liked the kid. Though he’d surely pay for it later if he did. He gently nuzzled the side of his neck, listening to the sounds he made, and gently rubbing him and kissing the side of his cheek. "Tell me what he does to show you he loves you." He whispered into his ear.

The boy rubbed his eyes and wiped the tears away. He didn’t understand how he felt, it was confusing and strange. "He’s not gentle with me…" He said, closing his eyes and moaning from the touch of the other. He gasped as he felt Doxy grip him for a moment, and then arched his back unable to deal with the feeling. "Please stop, I can’t do this…" He cried, worried that he was going to enjoy it.

"You don’t have a choice." Doxy said. He pressed the palm of his hand down on Chris’s chest to keep him laying on his back. He watched him for a moment, and made sure that he wasn’t going to move, still stroking him and watching him squirm. He leaned down and kissed the side of his face, his beautiful eyes narrowing and his smirk present again. He leaned down and moved backwards, and put his mouth to the boy, sucking on him and holding him down with his free hand, that wasn’t wrapped around his dick. He used his tongue to pleasure him, watching him twist and hearing him moan from the feeling. He was determined to break the boy, and this would surely leave some mental scarring.

"Doxy please, please stop, no, stop I can’t…" He begged. Chris closed his eyes hard but the sensation only seemed to get greater. He whined and grabbed Doxy by the hair and tried to get him to stop blowing him off, but he was weak from the euphoria, and just wound up tugging on it. He moaned and his chest heaved, as he arched a bit upwards, getting deeper down Dox’s throat. He cried from the sense of pleasure, and seemed to fear enjoying the pleasure of someone that was not his Keeper.

The Dox laughed and stopped for a moment. He looked up at Chris and pulled him forwards so that he was sitting up, and grabbed his face, and kissed him passionately. He sat up just a bit taller, and stroked the boy that belonged to one of the biggest Wolves alive. He pulled Chris into his arms, and held him for a moment. This was rather odd to even Doxy, but he ran his fingers through the boy’s hair, and Chris put his head on his shoulder. "You know, you truly are a weak and pathetic soul." He whispered, just holding him. The boy seemed to heave from the stress, so Doxy gently stroked him, his soft touch continuing to torture the other male.

Chris panted, resting his head on Doxy and closing his eyes. He lifted his head and looked into the other male’s eyes, never more confused in his life. He opened his mouth and sucked in air, afraid that he was going to faint. He frowned in a sad way, and then just closed his eyes, and reached up and grabbed onto Doxy’s hair, then leaned in and kissed him. He cried while he did it, knowing that Melvin was probably going to murder him, literally. He pressed his body against the other, and then gasped, feeling him pleasure him and touch him ever so gently. ”Please just finish me and go away…” He begged in a light whisper.

Such determination from the other boy to remain with his Keeper. It was admirable, and Doxy was devious. He laid Chris down into the bed as he kissed him, then reached up to lick his fingers. He pushed them into the boy somewhat hard, and kissed him, pushing in and out of him. "You know you love it. You can say whatever you want. You love the abuse." He whispered. He pulled his fingers out of the boy and kissed him, then pulled him down slightly, and stuffed him with his dick. He fucked him with him laying there on his back, determined to make the boy let off in a horrid fashion.

Chris moaned as Doxy railed him. His mind went bezerk and then he closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He felt horrible, but at the same time, he lusted for the one who seemed to kiss him softly. He over-thought the entire ordeal and was soon lost in the intense pleasure. Before he knew it he was exposed, and came hard as he moaned in erotic pleasure. He didn’t understand how it was possible even.

The Dox felt himself release, and he arched deep into the boy as he did it. He pulled out of the kid after he was done, then looked at the kid laying there miserably. "You’re a beautiful kid. Pathetic, but downright gorgeous." He said. "You should leave that Wolf, since I could do so much better by you." The Dox laid down beside Chris, and pulled him closer to him, and kissed the top of his forehead softly. He held him and seemed to be comforting, which was rather weird since he literally just raped the kid. Doxy brushed the hair from his eyes, so that he could see just how much fear the kid had left in him. He was downright terrified.

"No I can’t and I wouldn’t. I love Melvin." Chris whined. He wiped more tears away but laid there, enjoying the embrace that he was given. He wanted nothing more than to get up and run, but at the same time, he just wanted to feel loved. He cried in Doxy’s arms for a long while, before he was allowed to leave. Once he did he found a corner all alone, and sat there sobbing. What had he done?

Posting this so that the Hideout can snatch it later XD

Team Ships:

TRIPPYTIMESHIPPNG: Doxy x Red (trainer)
BALANCESHIPPING: RA x Nero the Forsaken
SEXYSONGSHIPPING: Duke x Avery Jones (singer)
YINYANGFEATHERSHIPPING: Aura Phoenix (Ra) x SinRA (Shadow Ra)
REDINSANESHIPPING: Ryou Chaos x Red (trainer)
JEALOUSYSHIPPING: The Nameless x Chris
INFECTIOUSSHIPPING: Melvin the Sinner x Anpuu/Tuesday
CONFUSIONSHIPPING: Chris x Luxray (Crossover)
FANSERVICESHIPPING: IV x Vulcan (Skyler IV x Vulcan IV)
NAILGUNSHIPPING: Sol x Melvin (half-form)








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